What motivated you to run for Commissioner of Correspondence?

I was motivated by my desire to aid my peers in having a fantastic high school year. As a sophomore, I understand the struggle that underclassmen have with being heard. Serving as a commissioner will allow me the opportunity to expand more options for underclassmen to voice their opinions. 

What makes you unique compared to other candidates? What skills make you qualified for this position?

Working as a class secretary provided me experience with many of the duties that pertain to the  Commissioner of Correspondence. Meaning I could successfully transition to the role with little issue.  This position best suits me because I really like writing.  I am unique among other candidates because I am a very outgoing person, always willing to talk to others and make them laugh. I believe I am the most qualified for this position due to my responsibility and organization skills, my very good note taking, and my willingness to hear everyone’s opinions.