What motivated you to run for Commissioner of Finance?
Before I joined asb, I was that one hypebeast kid who couldn't afford all of the clothes that I wanted to buy. But after serving as the junior class officer, I realized that there was more to school than waiting for the next antisocial drop or the next supremexbape collab. I am anticipating this position as I am anticipating the new sovereign summer drop. Even though I still want to wear this lit clothing, I also still want to be involved in asb as the commissioner of finance in order to better the school.
"People assume it's the clothes that make the man but it's the man that makes the clothes"- Eugene 

In order to be a good leader, one must be able to identify the need for personal improvement. Identify a weakness that you have improved upon.
Prior to running for junior treasurer last year, I had little to no experience in leadership. However, through the stressful and arduous process of campaigning, I was able to acquire many valuable skills. I was able to voice for the junior class, which has been a honor, and was able to attain a better sense of leadership. Being one of the only experienced bankers for next year, I must take initiative into teaching the newer bankers how to fill out deposits, check requests, etc.