What do you think is the most important job for the Commissioner General?
What motivated you to run for Commissioner General?

Oh hey, didn’t see you there. You’re probably wondering how I got here. Well, let me explain.

My name is Nicole S. and I am running to be your next Commissioner General. Throughout my high school experience, I have learned the importance of leadership through my involvement in ASB as the current junior class secretary, as well as my participation on the varsity girls’ golf team. With my experience in these activities, I’ve gained the necessary assets needed for the position of Commissioner General. As General, it is important to be able to lead, handle situations under pressure, and to spread positive vibes throughout the campus. I was motivated to run for this position as I believe that everyone should be led into a successful new school year! I think that the most important job as Commissioner General is to be sure that the entire student body feels included. Being an underclassmen can be hard in the sense that it is difficult to be recognized and as a result, people feel that there is a division between the upper and lower classmen. I will do everything in my power in order for the school to feel heard and united together! :)