Macie Lukavsky

I am so excited to be running for senior class president! This is the last year of high school for us! I just want to make it the best it possibly can, while we’re all still together. Let’s bring the fun to our school! I want students to feel excited for spirit days, and participate in events. My goal for senior year is to make sure everyone’s opinions are heard. I want everyone to voice their ideas, and see the changes they want in effect. It’s about every single one of you. We are all in this together, a team. As I was a part of ASB my sophomore year, as the VP, I was able to help create such fun spirit days such as Coachella Day, 90s Day, Tacky Beach Wear Day, and I even brought food trucks to Last Chance Dance! As president, I would be able to create even more memorable events, and further the fun. I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for our senior year! IT’S GOING TO BE ONE BIG PARTY AND EVERYONE’S INVITED!

Jenna Okohira

Hi guys! I’m Jenna Okohira, a candidate for your senior year vice president. I was motivated to run for class office because I want to do everything in my power to make our senior year one to remember. Having the school year cut short has made me realize that we can’t take next year for granted. If elected for office, I will put my best effort into representing our class, implementing new traditions, and ensuring that we have the greatest senior year possible. In sophomore year, I served as our class’s secretary, so I am familiar with the commitment and responsibility that comes with being an officer. I was also given the chance to see the degree of change that class officers are capable of, which will allow me to dive headfirst into effectively doing my job. I enjoy collaborating with others, and the vice president position involves working closely with the president, as well as listening to concerns and ideas from all of you guys. I will make sure to use my position to make improvements in consideration of everyone. I always put maximum effort into everything I do, and given the task of representing our class will motivate me to work even harder. Though it will be a challenge, serving as your vice president is something I’m willing and excited to take on. I would love to have the opportunity to bring positivity to our office and make senior year unforgettable! 

Meagan Chang

Hi everyone! I’m Meagan Chang, and I am running to be your Senior Class Secretary! We have finally reached the end of the road: senior year. The year that we have all eagerly awaited since the start of high school. The year where we rule the school. Well, I want to ensure that we have the best senior year possible and to be able to do that I want to be your Class Secretary. This position requires great organizational skills, neat handwriting, and someone who is able to be diligent and on task. I believe that I fit this description, and I have a few extra tricks up my sleeve. I know how to write extremely quickly while still having neat penmanship, thanks to the timed writes and double headers that Mr. Afram gives out in AP Language, so I would be able to keep up with every meeting. I have great communication skills, which I have learned from Virtual Business and the tennis team, that are key to running a successful cabinet. Additionally, I have experience being a secretary of several clubs here at SPHS, so I know how to properly take minutes for meetings and the amount of rigor and dedication that is required for the position! But, most importantly, if elected I guarantee that I will always be welcoming and listen to your wishes to provide the best senior year that I can. So, please vote Meagan C. for Senior Class Secretary!
Glenn Cunanan

Hey Class of 2021! I’m Glenn Cunanan and I’m running to be your Senior Class Treasurer. I know that these uncertain times can be stressful, so I hope that you all have been able to find something that grants you a sense of tranquility. As some of you may remember, I ran to be your Junior Class Secretary and from that experience I was able to assess my strengths and come back even stronger. From interacting with many of you, as well as current and former Class Officers, I’ve gained an insightful understanding of what skills are necessary for the position. Apart from being approachable, I take pride in being able to connect with various people in our class. I also enjoy collaborating with you all. Moreover, being trustworthy and reliable will allow me to efficiently carry out the responsibilities of the Senior Class Treasurer - from keeping records of funds, organizing class events or fundraisers.