Carolina Garavito

Hi my name is Carolina Garavito and my goal if elected as your next Junior Class President is to continue to create new relationships between our peers. Given our circumstances, I have realized how important it is to keep our friends close to us and branch out to new people and old comrades. With my involvement in the school soccer team, Youth and Government, as well as previous years in ASB, I am prepared to handle my commitments. For those who know me, I try to be as available as possible, and I want to strive to do that for everyone. Our Junior year is about development, not only do I want to discover the best version of myself, but the best version of our class.    

Mai Koyama

If you elect me, Mai Koyama, as vice president for junior year, I will ensure prom 2021 will be a dance you’ll remember. Because this year we had the honor of choosing the prom site, we already had a vision for the dance when reserving the venue. If I am elected those visions will become reality, and that will be very exciting for the four of us. In addition, with 2 years in this position behind me, I know I am able to handle all the responsibilities. ASB has been a part of me for a long time now and I would love to keep that going.  

Isabella Alfonso

Hi everyone, I’m Isabella Alfonso or as many of you know me, Fonzie, and I am running to be your junior class secretary. Being in ASB for the past 3 years, participating in sports, and getting involved within our school community has taught me a lot about teamwork, time management, and perseverance. Although being a secretary is more of a behind-the-scenes job, I believe that my experience in leadership will help me to provide the best for our class. 

Maya Turun

Hi! My name is Maya Turun and I am running for the ASB sophomore class treasurer!

South Pasadena has been my home since I was two, and growing up here for most of my life has allowed me to get to know most of the people in my grade. This has given me the opportunity to hear all sorts of praises and criticism regarding certain school events and traditions. In terms of values, the ability for your voice to be heard by many is something that I think is very important and will definitely carry on as an ASB officer for my class. 

For the past two years, I have been a Junior Ambassador for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. One of the main goals as a Junior Ambassador is to raise money for the hospital in numerous fundraisers. As part of that wonderful organization, I have held many fundraisers and have donated/handled money from golf tournaments; selling art, door-door pledges, and donating grant-money that I have earned from SCPGA Golf Tournaments. Since I am running for class treasurer, in terms of skills, I have a good amount of experience with handling money and setting up fundraisers. I believe that this experience can allow me to make mature decisions and communicate well with my fellow ASB members!