Samantha Lopez

Hello, my name is Samantha Lopez and I am running to be your next Sophomore Class President of 2020-2021. I have many helpful assets that I would bring to the table as President, including my productivity. I am capable of working at maximum efficiency and helping others to do so as well. I organize and carefully plan out tasks to have things running as smoothly as possible. Using these skills, I would love to make A.D.L. Training and the Club available to more students because it is limited to only 50 students at the moment. This is an organization that brings awareness to discrimination and teaches students how to act upon it. I would love to work with my fellow officers and Mrs. Anderson to make it more accessible and use it to create change throughout our campus. In addition, I believe I am friendly, approachable, I am open to constructive criticism, and I know that I am always capable of improving. I will do my best to improve myself based on your feedback. Along with that, I am assertive and willing to speak my mind when necessary. I listen to and respect others’ opinions, and I am not afraid to disagree with them. I believe this unique skill is important for creating a positive impact and is beneficial when working with others. If you would like to see our school blossom into a more tolerant and accepting place, please be sure to vote for me.

Joshua Ou

Hey SPHS Class of 2023. I’m Joshua Ou and I'm running for Sophomore Vice President.
Being your current Vice President has made me more determined to want to continue to serve the Sophomore class next year.  Serving in ASB for the last three years, including SPMS, and in Varsity Tennis has given me the experience necessary to lead, manage time, advocate, and facilitate teamwork.  I have represented our class in the Student Site Council with SPHS staff members, parents, and teachers.
I hope to be re-elected as your Sophomore Vice President because I want to continue to support finding ways to bring our class further into the SPHS community while still preserving the differences that makes us unique.
Vote Joshua Ou for Sophomore Class Vice President!

Kyra Nielsen 

If elected ASB secretary for my class, I would ensure that all the necessary tasks would be fulfilled with precision and detail. After reading the guidelines about what a class secretary does, I feel that my skills would be a good match. I have always loved notetaking, so I know I would be able to record accurate meeting notes and write neat ‘thank you’ cards. I also noticed how another duty of the secretary is to present at and attend PTSA meetings. I feel that I can present strongly and clearly at these meetings since I have a lot of experience with leadership, and even have experience presenting at meetings from my past commitments. I am also motivated to make our school an all around better place, starting off with my own class and their spirit. I would love to have our sophomore class’s color day poster be stunning, and I would also love it if my grade had even more school spirit. I consider myself a strong leader due to my past experiences that have helped me develop these traits, so I feel I can help get students more motivated. I am also more than willing to put in the extra hours committing to various projects that will benefit our school. I want to be able to bring these skills to the table, so I can hopefully have a positive effect on SPHS. 
Siyuan Tia Guang

Hello SPHS! My name is Siyuan (Tia) Guang, and I’m running to be your sophomore class treasurer.

 I understand that this position requires a lot of time and commitment for setting up fundraisers to help our class, so as your sophmore treasurer, I would be able to benefit our class by having a lot more fundraisers like weekend car washes and Bingos, so that we can earn money for more events, like class bondings. I am also extremely organized and reliable, making me a good candidate for your class treasurer, as I can keep all of the budget paperwork organized, and also keep track of all the class expenses. 

Lastly, I am very experienced in being the role as treasurer. In school, I was the Ways and Means committee chair in SkillsUSA club, and have always worked with the treasurer to regulate club finances, and regional competition finances. Being the future treasurer for Veritas Tutoring Club and Biologee Club, I will be sure to serve you the best as your future class treasurer by my experiences in our school. Outside of school, I also serve in the treasury of the Food Distribution Program, and host programs to donate good food to the homeless and the needy in LA, so this proves that I am committed and persistent to win this position.

Vote Tia Guang for your sophomore year treasurer! I will make our sophomore year AWESOME.

Matthew Ou

Hey everyone! My name is Matthew Ou and I am running to be the Sophomore Class Treasurer. 
As long as I can remember, I have been in many sports teams and leadership groups my whole life, which has enabled me to gain experience of accountability, time management, and leadership with integrity. Being in ASB this past year, as the Freshman Treasurer, has taught me skills about managing budget and organization for our class financial account, which includes filling out check requests, bank deposits, and other transactions necessary. I have planned and organized numerous profitable fundraisers for our Freshman Class.
As we started our first year in SPHS financially strong, I hope to be re-elected to continue to ensure and help our Class of 2023 to be successful and financially sustainable for the next few years.
Vote Matthew Ou for Sophomore Treasurer!