Sophia G.

Hello! I’m Sophia Gerodiaz, and I’m running to be your senior class treasurer.

This position requires a lot of persistence with setting up fundraisers, and organization to keep all the budget paperwork in order. Being the treasurer for the Disney Day Club, I am very familiar with the process for arranging fundraisers. I am aware of the amount of time put into planning these events and the extra strides taken to efficiently communicate with other officers and the employees of restaurants in order to have a successful outcome!

For the past six months I have also been volunteering at the USC Keck Hospital where I am in charge of labeling, organizing, and preparing the patients’ paperwork. This requires a great deal of organization and I plan to apply my experience into maintaining accurate records and making sure I turn in the financial status reports on time. ☺

Help me make senior year an awesome year, and vote Sophia for treasurer!