Hey guys my name is Scott Na and I am running to be your junior treasurer.  As your junior treasurer, I want to bring new ideas to the table that will benefit our class in many ways. One way I will be able to benefit our class is by having a lot more fundraisers so that we can earn more money for things like events or class bondings. Things like that will allow the junior class to relieve all of our stress and get to know each other a little better. As one of the leaders for my elementary small group at church, I know what it feels like to take initiative to lead. By surrounding myself with such great leaders like my pastors, I have developed a better sense of leadership. What sets me apart as a candidate is my ability to work with other members. I am willing to listen to the opinions of my peers and/or suggestions on how we, as a junior class, can improve. I will voice for concerns and your problems. I want to make this year so much more lit. ily:)