My name is Kenny Ryu or 류현민, to my fellow Koreans, and I am running to be your Junior class Vice President. For those of you who are in sports, you probably wanted to quit countless times after harsh workouts. I too have faced these immense struggles for mental discipline many times during the Cross Country season. I joined Cross Country to test my limits, and I approach the Vice Presidency with the same attitude. As Vice President, I will push myself to make our Junior year as memorable as possible. Along with Cross Country, I am in the Marching Band, which is both time consuming and physically demanding. In the band this year, I have taken the initiative to teach and be a role model for all incoming students. This has allowed me to work well with my peers, which is an important asset one should have. I’ve also learned the importance of time management from Band. With practice going until 9 every Monday and Wednesday, and competitions on weekends, I had to learn not to procrastinate on my work. With my excellent time management and endurance, I believe that I am the ideal candidate for class Vice President.