Hi my name is Lauren Kafkaloff and I am running to be your next Sophomore Vice President. If I were elected to this position, I would do my best to make Sophomore year not suck… I mean to make it great... Who am I kidding, I just want to make school relatively enjoyable for you guys even through the stress and lack of sleep. In middle school I took part in ASB for 3 years, where I was able to observe and discover how to be a leader. During this time, I saw the importance of collaboration and organization. Through participating in mediation groups for multiple years, I learned how to easily advise and communicate with my peers. It showed me how students could really make a difference in the school and in other people’s lives. I am a hard worker and would love to take on the role as Sophomore Vice President. Overall, my goal next year would be for the Class of 2019 to have a memorable Sophomore year, after all, we won’t be fresh meat anymore :)