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Kimberly Hseuh
Hi! I'm Kimberly Hsueh, running for Commissioner of Academics. 
How is school for you? Throughout my high school career, I have felt burnout  a substantial number of times. Saddened to hear that most of my peers are in the same situation, unmotivated to continue the rest of the school year with passion and happiness, I want to make sure that as Commissioner of Academics, I can make the student body finish school with no regrets. Your diligence and dedication have made SPHS a boiling pot of excellence and academic superiority. Hence, in order to increase recognition of all students’ academic achievements, I have many plans in mind. At our school, multiple students have scored above average for AP tests, compared nationwide, and there are more people who are curious about the vast number of AP courses. To carry on our high scoring momentum throughout our grade levels, I plan to organize events where students can talk about their progress and preparations, sharing their valuable knowledge and experience to others. On the other hand, SAT and ACT are tests that carry a heavy burden on students’ shoulders. People are constantly lost in discovering their own test taking strategies, but luckily, South Pas has many high achieving students who can guide and teach them. These are just a few ideas I want to implement in our school, as I have many more. If I become your next Commissioner of Academics, we can rethink the impossibilities of education. Together, we can make anything possible.