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Matisse Rocca

What is up South Pas!! My name is Matisse Rocca and I’m running to be your next Commissioner of Assemblies. Since I’ve been a kid, I’ve always wanted to go into acting. I really enjoy being on the big stage acting in front of tens or hundreds of people to which I enjoy spreading happiness through acting from one to another. This is one of my greatest motivations in why I want to run for Commissioner of Assemblies. Plus, with all the support from my friends, I think that they have played a major role in why I have been wanting to run for this position. I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from everyone that I talk to. This motivated me the most to run for the position of Commissioner of Assemblies. Like I’ve said, I have been acting since I was much younger, this alone I think gives me a great advantage to let the audience be pleased with the upcoming assemblies. I do have many ideas that would be a fun idea for all people to enjoy such as: dressing competition for each grade, or maybe having a lip sync battle for everyone’s pleasure. But I think my strongest idea would be to let the students at our school give ideas on what we can do. This could create endless idea opportunities in ways to entertain everyone at our school. Thank you Tigers and hopefully, you’ll vote for me!