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Khalil Murdock

I felt motivated to run for Commissioner of Athletics because I feel like our school currently lacks a strong energy around our sports in general--and the culture of our school is not as it should be in regards to attending, and supporting our schools athletes and teams. I'm someone that is confident I can create a more inclusive community that can make South Pas athletics more exciting, as well as provide better fan/peer attendance. In turn creating a culture promoting and assisting Tiger sports success.

I plan to shout out all of our student athletes and be the "Hypeman" for people competing for an athletic team at our school or even people who participate in a sport outside of school. No matter what they are competing in I want people to be acknowledged for the successes and achievements they have reached through athletics. I plan to advertise for all sporting events on social media, around school, and especially vocally. In general I want our school to be a place where the athletes and athletics teams are being uplifted--encouraging the success and prosperity of our sports programs, and individual athletes.