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Frank Figueroa

Listening to music is something I truly enjoy doing and music being played during lunch or during any school event really helps enhance the experience of what is happening. Being in drumline and playing drum set for jazz band, different types of music is something I’ve picked up on to expand my knowledge on music. Genres like jazz, funk, reggae, rock, punk, and even “trap” have helped me learn more about the genres of music other people listen to that I haven't had the chance to listen to yet. With all my playlists on Spotify, I’ve tried to diversify the music in each playlist so the listener then gets to hear songs or artists they probably haven't heard before. As many people know, there are many amazing local bands that go to our school and what I want to do is let those bands play during lunch once a month for “Special Noontime Entertainment” so bands get to showcase their talents that not everyone knows of. What I find amazing about the Commissioner of Noontime is that when the right music is played, it can have all friend groups singing along and that is what I want to do as Commissioner of Noontime; making sure the music being played is something everyone can enjoy.  

Though I know not everyone shares the same taste in music, I want to propose something to SPHS that will make sure everyone gets to hear the music they want to hear. As I start running, I will make an Instagram page dedicated to everyone at SPHS so then people can suggest songs or genres of music they want to hear during lunch. What this will do is let all students feel like they have a voice in the music that’s played at school so it doesn't feel like they are stuck listening to music they don't enjoy during lunch.