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Commissioner of Publicity- Ella Hoadley-Brill

Hi, my name is Ella Hoadley-Brill, and I’m running to be the Commissioner of Publicity. I was extremely motivated to run for this position because I have always enjoyed creating posters, projects, and anything art-related. I have been helping ASB throughout my three years at SPHS by creating posters for upcoming events, fundraising, and even working on the enormous Color Day banners. I am currently taking AP Art, and this class has helped me to creatively explore new techniques in art making. It has also challenged me, thus strengthening my skills and pushing me to do my best. I have been creating art for my whole life, and I can confidently say that I have a talent for it. But, besides the artistic aspect of this position, my skills that will help me succeed in this position include my organization, my determination to complete tasks, and my perfectionism. The combination of these skills result in work that is thorough, complete, and never just average. I know my hard work and skills will result in publicity that will reach the entire school, keep the student body informed, and will encourage students to attend and engage in all the activities our school has to offer.