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Commissioner of School and Community - Valentino Nguyen

My time as Junior Class Secretary, an academic coach, and three time OSS cabin leader gave me a deep connection to South Pasadena. I want to further my participation at SPHS as your next Commissioner of School and Community. This position is the most broad in terms of responsibilities in relation to other commissioner duties. Due to this, I will improve three fundamental aspects on campus: 1) Student Life and Leisure, 2) New and Engaging Fundraisers, and 3) Student Recognition. As someone with ASB experience, I know that I am capable of making meaningful changes. My greatest accomplishment thus far, which proves this, was planning the Homecoming Dance in November. Historically, the Homecoming Dance was one of this school’s weakest and unentertaining. However, I managed to hold one of the school’s most successful of all time. I attribute this accomplishment not to myself, but to the rest of the student body. By listening to other students, and giving them what they wanted, a semi-formal Homecoming Dance, ASB managed to raise $7,600 while solving an immense issue on campus. By developing strong connections with the student body, I promise that together we will make South Pasadena High School a better place.