Class of 2019


Kai Arakawa

Hey You! Yes you the person who is reading this right now, you came to see why I know I can be a great Senior Class President right? Well even if you didn’t I’m gonna tell you anyway. I hold a very simple value that I inherited from my Defensive Lineman Coach, what is the value?  “Don’t Suck.” As bad as that might sound, I go out of my way to make sure everything that I do doesn’t suck. (Just like this Bio) I hold a wide range of skills that would not only benefit the Senior Class but the whole school. Things such as public speaking, facilitation, and engaging other viewpoints are just a few of the assets that I can bring to the table. 

My perfectionist attitude, has never let me down, it has always been a way to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Social events that I have hosted among friends can boast my planning and dependability. Events such as, hosting a Football Sunday Party, or scheduling reservations for a restaurant.  But, why do these very personal social events matter to you? Because, I have showcased through these events, that I can do what is necessary to gather information from a wide net of sources, integrate change (If needed), and make senior year, not suck. So when that poll opens and you can start to vote, Don’t lie, you know you want to vote for Kai.

Jackie Takarabe
My name is Jackie Takarabe and I am running to be your 2018 Senior Class President. Ever since was a little girl (Or should I say younger girl), I have participated in competitive sports, whether it be in gymnastics, baseball, basketball, soccer, football, track, wrestling or cross country. But in my sophomore year, I began having medical problems that prevented me from doing any sports. Sports was a major component of my life and it gave me a sense of purpose and an identity, but now that I can no longer participate in them, I want to continue to give back to my community.  And school is a logical place to invest. One of the best ways I can do this is to be a part of ASB. I am a determined individual and I get things done. Should I be elected, my Senior year will be committed to the students of this school. I care about everyone’s livelihood and welfare, not just their grades. I‘d like to speak to as many of you as I possibly can because that is who matters and my unique perspectives and personality will help me do so. As my Grandfather used to say, “I want cake.” which I always understood as, “Care for those around you because everyone just wants cake.”

Henry Barbera
Hey everyone! I'm Henry Barbera running to be your next Senior Class President.
I know I'm not your usual contestant in an election like this one but I truly believe that's one of the reasons why I'm the best fit for this position. As our senior year approaches I've realized that I don't have a ton of time left on our campus and I want to get to know our whole class better. With my influence, ASB will become a much more inclusive group. I hope to get each and every senior's opinion heard. This is a difficult task and I know it's been the goal of some class officer's before me. Of course I'll need to take a new approach. Next year, I'd like to make class bonding events for seniors more engaged and more popular so that everyone will want to participate. It'll be our last year together so I feel as if it'll be the most important time to socialize and learn more about each other. Hopefully my strong ability to socialize and my leadership skills that I've acquired over the last few years as a youth and government officer allow me to gain your approval to be your senior class president.


Kelly Mirhan

Hey girls and boiiiiiz! I’m Kelly Mirhan and I’m running to be your next Senior class Secretary. 

Throughout high school, I have been a part of several activities, including basketball and Virtual Business, which have shaped me to be the person I am today (and hopefully your next class Secretary) :) I find myself to be an organized, dedicated, and responsible student, which is why I believe I’m the best person for the job. ASB requires a number of skills such as communication and teamwork. After spending two years on our school’s Varsity Girls’ Basketball team, and leader of my club team, I have learned that teamwork is essential in developing team chemistry. By playing the most difficult position on the team (left bench, of course), I learned how to be more observant on and off the court. #MVP

Through selling products at Virtual Business conferences and trade fairs, I have learned how to effectively communicate with various people, such as judges, managers, and other SPHS students. Having to present in front of a panel of judges has empowered me with confidence and personal strength. Not only is this important for communicating with my fellow class officers, but also with all of YOU :)

Kyle Chan

Hi, my name is Kyle Chan and I’m running to be your next senior class secretary for the 2018-2019 school year.  What drew me to running for this position, was that I would be responsible for handling any correspondence. I want to be able to represent our class in such a way that would allow me to influence positive and beneficial change.  As the class secretary, I would be taking minutes of all class meetings, writing articles for the PTSA newsletter, filling out activity proposals, and writing thank you notes. All of these tasks are quite tedious and time consuming, but I promise you I would work neatly, efficiently, and effectively.  Besides, being apart of the high school swim team for the last couple years and this year has taught me time management and commitment skills. If elected into office, it would allow me to work with your future Commissioner of Activities and your Commissioner of Correspondence. That way, I could make sure that next year is more hype and lit while still maintaining a good relationship with parents and teachers.  We are all probably sitting down right now thinking about how junior year sucked in one way or another. With me as your class secretary, I would make senior year a lot less stressful and more fun so that we don’t have that strange aftertaste in our mouths before we head to college. Class of 2019, you’re in good hands! You deserve a good man.