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Poster Rules

Poster Making Rules
To sign the Poster Making Rules Contract, print the attachment at the bottom of the page.
Paints + Paint brushes
  • Paint lids and paintbrushes should be the same color.  (Unless labeled differently, match them up by color)
  • Recap the lids if you open a paint set.
  • Put the paintbrush in the correct paint set.
  • If paintbrushes or paints are messed up, (broken, mixed colors, etc.) PLEASE let me know. Leave a note on the messed up item and in my box labeled publicity.
Ink Bottles (refills)
If a set of paint needs more ink,
  • Use the ink bottle with the same color cap as the paint set to refill that paint set. 
  • For example: pour black ink into the black paint set… Not the yellow paint set (yes it has happened… D: )
  • Use the bottle that is already open. (NO need to open a new one)
  • When pouring ink into the paint set, pour enough to wet the inkpad inside. (TOO much=drippy paintbrushes=unwanted splotches)
  • Cap the bottles and put them back with the other bottles of the same color. 
Paint set holders
  • Box 1: Purples, blues, greens, blacks
  • Box 2: reds, yellows, browns, and oranges
  • Box 3: blacks and oranges
Paper cost more money than you think. So please help us conserve by…
  • Making posters only if you plan on putting them up.
  • Put up posters only if you plan to take them down when the event is over. (3 day limit)
  • Bring your OWN painters tape. We don’t provide this.
  • If you’re done making your poster, roll it up, label it, and put it in the poster bin.
  • Label= name, club name, what is being publicized, date needed to be put up and taken down
If you notice any strange behavior regarding the poster supply let Mr. Shotwell know. This will prevent clubs/groups/people from being wrongly accused. 

Shay Ma,
Sep 8, 2013, 11:46 PM