2022 President

Carolina Garavito

1. What unique values, skills, events, or traditions will you bring to the table and your position if elected as an ASB officer for your class? 
    Student body is a passion of mine that I have had since elementary school, and plan to continue throughout high school. As a candidate to become the next sophomore class president, I want to establish greater connections within our class. Having the opportunity to work with upperclassmen and the current sophomore officers, there are so many ideas that I would like to develop during the following year. My goals for next year are to gain more relationships with you all and become someone that you can talk to and rely on, as well as funding for future events. I have been so lucky to have participated in many extra curriculars such as soccer, track, and Youth and Government, that I have gained inspiration to become a better leader and developed a stronger sense of teamwork. I am familiar with the responsibilities and task that are being presented, and I believe that I am a well suited candidate for this position.