2022 Secretary

Isabella Alfonso

1. What unique values, skills, events, or traditions will you bring to the table and your position if elected as an ASB officer for your class? 
    Hi this is Isabella Alfonso and this is my bio! I have been this class’s secretary for the past two consecutive years and have learned so much! I have gained experience in working on class merchandise, class bondings, and fundraisers and hope to bring better activities for our class to enjoy! In addition to leadership experience, I have also gotten involved in the school. I am a member of the Red Cross Club, I have facilitated several FAB (Freshmen Activities Board) meetings and have been a part of the JV girls basketball team so I know how to work well with others! I’ve also worked at many school functions such as 8th grade night, 5th and 6th grade night, and back to school night. Although being secretary is more behind the scenes, I believe that I can still help to organize events for our class and get your input on what you want to see.