2022 Vice President

Mai Koyama

1. What unique values, skills, events, or traditions will you bring to the table and your position if elected as an ASB officer for your class? 
    If elected as your next sophomore class vice president, I will ensure our class is organized and well funded for our junior year prom. This year I have participated in Cross Country and Track, as well as swimming in the past. I will carry on what I have learned about teamwork, work ethic, and selflessness in these sports to ASB. As your current freshman class vice president, I believe I am well prepared for leading our class another year. I know the vice president position inside and out as well as learned many skills along the way. In ASB this year, I watched the sophomore officers work to make their grade even better and fundraise for their class as well as work with them to plan the last chance dance. I am familiar with their responsibilities and believe I am the best candidate for this position.