Commissioner of Academics

Tianhao Wei

1. What are specific ways in which you will increase academic recognition throughout the year? 
    Obviously, the SPEX assembly recognizes achievement in the classroom in regards to GPA. However, I believe many other achievements are slept on. In my opinion, college admissions is one of the most exciting and pivotal moments of anyone’s life and being accepted opens a new path to a brighter future. I would love to recognize those who successfully applied and got accepted -- that is something to be celebrated. Meanwhile, for those who were unfortunately rejected, they will still be recognized for their effort, with ice cream or candy. Additionally, extracurricular events shouldn't be overlooked either. Activities such as math club, boy scouts, and girl scouts and each individuals’ achievements outside the classroom should be acknowledged as well. Tim Chiu, a friend of mine who is working towards the Eagle Scout status, has been working hard to fundraise for his project. I believe we should help studious people like Tim in helping them achieve their goals, whether it’s boy scouts, school clubs, and more. As Commissioner of Academics, I will help these people publicize their projects and encourage the support they deserve and need. The only downside will be that these people will need to inform me about their endeavors such that I can help them out. This is only a taste of the ideas in my head -- others continue to brew inside my mind -- but, with enough time, I believe academic recognition will be improved dramatically; I want everyone to feel acknowledged and proud of their achievements.

2. How have you promoted high academic achievement and standards in your own life, from the start of high school to now?
    I began my freshman year by committing to rigorous classes, including Math 3+ and Honors Chemistry. Throughout my entire high school career, I have been surrounded by peers who have pushed me to appreciate and excel in each successively difficult class. It’s interesting that our class has been exceptionally smart, and that has been acknowledged by the likes of Mr. Ku, Mr. Buhler, and more. This competitive environment has fostered an intense academic literacy that has driven all of us to aim higher, to do better than everyone else. As a result, in my sophomore year, I took three AP classes (Comp Sci, Chemistry, AP Calc AB), passing each class with flying colors, receiving 5s on each AP Test, and earning 800s on the Chemistry and Math II subject tests. At the same time, I have maintained a 4.0 GPA. Although it doesn’t define you, I believe our GPAs are a reliable standard for academic achievement. However, academic achievement need not only be derived from education, but also athletics and extracurriculars, as this SPEX assembly revealed. For me, I was the 5th best triple jumper in the state last year. I also participate monthly as a volunteer at The Chilo Foundation under our school’s Feel Full Club. Moreover, I was accepted into a notable summer program at USC called SHINE and received, along with teammates Evan Kowal and Aidan Lewis, a $5000 grant that will allow us to create an organization that teaches underprivileged children scientific literary in nature.