Commissioner of Activities

Tanner Holmes

1. What motivated you to run for Commissioner of Activities?
    The biggest reason I was motivated to run fro Commissioner of Activities was simply because I want to enjoy my senior year. With next year being my last, I want to make it as fun as possible for myself and my fellow seniors. I feel like Commissioner of Activities is the perfect platform to do that. I was also motivated by my eldest sister who served as commissioner of activities in the 2016-2017 school year.

2. One of the largest events that you will plan is winter formal. Do you have any experience planning a large event similar to this? How will you make sure that you plan a dance that the student body will enjoy?
    In middle school I was a part of a group called 8th grade activities who was responsible for planning the winter formal dance. We planned everything from the location to the decorations so I have some experience planning dances. To make sure the dance is enjoyable for the student body I would go around campus asking students themes that they might be interested in, food, and anything else they would like to see at the dance

3. Another part big part of your job will be organizing activities. What are some ideas for spirit days that you have? How will you set an example for other students to increase student participation?
    Some spirit day ideas that I had were, teacher dress up day where students would dress up as their favorite teacher. Also maybe a sex swap day where guys would dress as girls and girls would dress as guys. To encourage students to participate in spirit days, I would of course participate and promote it on various platforms. Also offer prizes for participating in spirit days.