Commissioner of Athletics

Gianna Beasley

1. What motivated you to run for Commissioner of Athletics?
    I have always wanted to be in ASB, and the Commissioner of Athletics position would allow me to use my passion for sports and academics to serve the SPHS community. Unlike other ASB positions, the responsibilities of the Commissioner of Athletics is centered around promoting all sports teams on campus, and supporting our awesome student athletes. I am a proud student athlete who has learned how to successfully juggle a rigorous academic and athletic schedule. The lessons I’ve learned through my personal experience and the experiences of my peers and mentors at SPHS makes this position the perfect opportunity for me to give back to our school.

2. As a representative of the student body, how will you ensure the representation of all student athletes? 
    Since the 4th grade, I have played all sorts of different sports. Soccer, softball, volleyball, swimming, basketball, track; you name it, I have played it. Since my freshman year, I have competed for various sports teams at SPHS. Although each team experience has been different, one constant has been the disconnect between my life as a student and my life as an athlete. During school hours there is very little said about the accomplishments of sports teams, let alone those of individual athletes. Similarly, during athletic practices and events there is very little said about academic performance. I believe that sports and academics should work together to support and encourage students, since support and encouragement will help them strive to be the best versions of themselves. For instance, a school-wide send off for a sports team who has advanced to CIF Finals would work perfectly to bring both academics and athletics closer together. Likewise, specifically commemorating student-athletes who perform well in the classroom with patches they can wear on or with their uniform would also increase the bond between academics and athletics. As Commissioner of Athletics, I promise to spread love to all sports teams at SPHS, and do my best to promote, encourage and support the efforts and achievements of every student-athlete.

Krystal Love Lee

1. What motivated you to run for Commissioner of Athletics?
    What motivated me to run for Commissioner of Athletics was the matter that I wanted underrated sports to get the recognition they deserve. As a member of the girls water polo team, girls swim team and a manager for boys water polo, I saw a number of differences. One that stood out to me was that the number of supporters differed; more were at the boys water polo games rather than the girls. I strongly believe that the support given to a team has a great impact on the athletes playing. Teams such as our Cross Country, Badminton and Equestrian teams get little to no recognition -and theywork just as hard as other well recognized sports. I find it only fair that the recognition is fairly equal. Another aspect that motivates me is my love for sports! I have been playing sports for as long as a I could remember -softball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, water polo, swim, horseback riding, and cheer. My love for water polo drives me to do my best and to practice good sportsmanship. Sports have played a huge role in my life and I find it teaches people many skills such as patience, integrity, leadership, committed dedication and communication.

2. In what ways will you be an advocate for good sportsmanship, as well as promote school and class spirit at sporting events? 
    Knowing our school and our common culture today, roasting another school in our league is inevitable. Roasting being humorous critiquing of a person(s) with the intent to embarrass them. If it is to get out of hand, as commissioner of athletics I would ask students to keep it to a minimum. I would prompt healthy school spirit during sporting events through social media! With the use of social media, people will have the opportunity to be in the know of our class sporting events -whether we win or lose.

Tearay Taylor

1. What motivated you to run for Commissioner of Athletics?
    What motivated me to run for the position of Commissioner of Athletics is my fellow peers and my family. They are the ones who helped me stay motivated to run for this position and also my love for sports as well since I am constantly exposed to it and its something that I know and its my niche. I am a athlete as well for South Pas since I participate in Track and Field and Football and I have played the role of a leader to a certain extent since I love to guide others so that they can further better themselves as an athlete and also, those who are around me tend to look to me and it further solidifies my sense of guidance to others.

2. As a representative of the student body, how will you ensure the representation of all student athletes? 
    Although I have been a student-athlete for a mere two years, I’ve seen athletes who work the hardest and do their absolute best on the field during practice and game time but they weren’t acknowledged for their hard work. This has happened to me as well since I dedicate myself full heartedly to my teammates and I trust them no matter what so I can shine amongst them but my efforts weren’t shown half of the time. To ensure that student athletes will be represented, I will do my best to observe those who work hard and are dedicated to their team. I will expose their efforts and strengths to those who should know about it thus would increase their willingness to become more distinguishable to their teammates but also lift them up as well so they too could become noticeable and work hard. Representation plays a huge role in some athlete’s minds because they want to be noticed, they want everyone to see how strong they are and how dedicated they are to their passion and their teammates so that they can stand out.

3. In what ways will you be an advocate for good sportsmanship, as well as promote school and class spirit at sporting events?
    For this position, I will be a good advocate for good sportsmanship by promoting the support of fellow teammates and from other schools alike. Even though competition is healthy for an athlete, good sportsmanship is better because it shows that you respect your rival and that you care for them as well which in turn makes them friendlier to the other on an athlete level. Promotion of school and class spirit is also important as well because it lets athletes know that their school is behind them and it assures them as well because it improves their performance. To do this, I will engage the crowd at events cheer our team on to do their best and also through social media as well because it’s what we all use today as well to connect with one another.