Commissioner of Correspondence

Aanji Sin

1. What motivated you to run for the Commissioner of Correspondence?
    Upon entering high school, I knew that I wanted to be involved in the student body.  Commission seemed like a great way to accomplish this, by working with my peers to make decisions that impact student life. I want to help towards making my peers’ high school experience the most fulfilling it could be. I have also heard many positive things from friends about ASB, like the kind of leadership experience you gain and the relationships you build. Correspondence stuck out the most to me because of skills needed in organization, writing, and communications, all of which I possess. I think that given my areas of strength, I would do the best job and accomplish the most as Commissioner of Correspondence. 

2. What makes you unique compared to other candidates?
    Compared to other candidates, I am very organized and good at time management. I plan things out extensively and know exactly what needs to be done next. I am currently a staff writer for Tiger Newspaper, and balancing those responsibilities as well as school work has taught me the importance of managing time well and staying on top of my schedule. Being on Tiger has also taught me how significant communication between members of a team is, and how being an unclear communicator makes you an inefficient leader. From this lesson, I’ve definitely become a much better communicator and can express my thoughts and ideas freely. I believe that these qualities are what good leaders must possess.

Jake Han

1. In what ways do you believe ASB lacks in helping the student body? As the Commissioner of Correspondence, what would you do to change this issue?
    During the years of being a student in SPHS,  I observed that ASB was successful in maintaining and honoring old traditions such as Color Day and SPEX Assembly. On the contrary, one thing ASB could improve on is implementing new ideas that come from the student body. If I was elected as the commissioner of correspondence, I would establish a clear line of communication: thoroughly organizing and recording all ideas to ensure all students are well aware of the discussions and ideas presented in ASB meetings, in addition to the ASB being aware of the ideas and proposals presented by the student body.

2. What makes you unique compared to other candidates?
    As a fellow student at SPHS, I have been involved with various clubs and activities such as Red Cross, Tassel, and JAG, while maintaining a 3.9 GPA (all A’s and one B) throughout my 3 years in SPHS. Furthermore, I have been a leader for my church band and a part of the school soccer team. Through all these experiences, I have gained a deep understanding of various cultures, but more importantly, I learned to lead others and work efficiently as a team. Because being a commissioner not only means to lead the student body, but to work with other commissioners, my ambition for high goals, organization skills, and deep understanding of the SPHS culture makes me a qualified candidate. Furthermore, my unique insights and passion for listening to others set me apart from the rest.