Commissioner of Finance

Matthew Iwane

1. What motivated you to run for the Commissioner of Finance?
    With my previous experiences being a class treasurer both in middle school and high school, I believe I have many crucial skills that can be applied to A.S.B. I am knowledgeable with all the papers and files that need to be completed, as well as how to set up cash boxes for various events and fundraisers for the school. I have attended the California Associated Student Council which has taught me how to lead various groups of people and has also developed my communication skills with my peers. Being a class Vice President has enhanced my ability to cooperate well with fellow classmates and I believe I will not have any problems when working with other bankers. If elected, I will teach all the skills necessary to the other treasurers so that everyone will be on task and accomplish their role as a banker. Working together is the best way to bond with one another since it not only brings us closer as a group but makes our job more efficient. I will apply the leadership skills I have learned over my years in A.S.B. to make the 2019-2020 school year an enjoyable and memorable year.