Commissioner General

Jewel Nguyen

1. What experiences do you have with leading and in what way will those experiences help you?

  • Public speaking 
  • Communication skills
  • Can cook minute rice in 52 seconds. In other words, does not waste time.
Leadership Experience: 
  • Has been the secretary for four consecutive years since the eighth grade.
  • Has facilitated the following activities groups: 
FIT (freshman interactions team 2016-2017)
SWAG (sophomores work activities group 2017-2018)
JAG (juniors activities group 2018-2019)
Has lived with brother, Valentino Nguyen for sixteen years

Future Goals: 
  • Change Homecoming to make it a formal dance
  • Alter the cell phone policy and dress code 
  • Cure “Senioritis” within the underclassmen.
Thank you, that is all.

In conclusion, 
Be KEWEL, vote for JEWEL