Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Hanwul Choi

1. What motivated you to run for the Commissioner of Internal Affairs?
    During my time in high school, I want to leave an impact on those around me, and make a change in the world in any way that I can. With this in mind, I want to be the Commissioner of Internal Affairs because of the opportunity and platform it would provide me to achieve this goal. As students, I believe the easiest way for us to make change is through what affects us the most: education. Having served on the Student Advisory Board on Education/Legislation in Education through CASC, I have developed an interest for education and public policy, and have experience in analyzing and debating such policies. I am determined to be the voice of every student here at SPHS, and want to represent your views regarding our very own education. I am passionate about serving on our district's Board of Education, and want to further involve myself in my school as well as my community, not just for myself, but for my fellow peers. My desire to make a change for the better of all of us students has motivated me to pursue the position of Commissioner of Internal Affairs.

2. What are some of the biggest issues at SPHS? What do you want to do to address these issues?
    I believe that a relevant issue at SPHS is transparency within the administration to the student body, and transparency within our district. Again, as students, we are the main stakeholders in all of our administration’s and district’s decisions. However, students are given no conscious of important issues and topics that are in discussion. Although this might be caused by a lack of interest or importance from the student body, I believe that students should be educated, involved, or informed about important information that affects us, such as budget allocations and funding, or curriculum reforms. By doing so, students would be given the opportunity to think and voice their opinions and concerns about our education, campus and school services. To accomplish this, I would create easily accessible informational reports regarding topics of discussion from Board Meetings that could be distributed along with our school newspaper. Another solution would be to foster conversations through hosting a month meeting aligning with Board Meetings.