Commissioner of Noontime

Estella Dashiell

1. What motivated you to run for Commissioner of Noontime?
    I am motivated to run for Commissioner of Noontime by a love for music (which I am listening to as I write this, and in the majority of my free time) and a desire to become more involved in school activities. What better way is there to connect with the student body than through a mutual interest in good music? I don't think that there is one. Now, 'good' is subjective, and I understand that not every student will have the same music taste as I do, diverse as my library may be. Personally, I think this is a really good thing. If all people had the same taste in music, life would be terribly boring. Can you imagine living in a world where every iTunes and Spotify library had the same exact songs in it? There would be no reason to even elect a Commissioner of Noontime, because anybody could do it. This is why I am more than willing to explore new genres and artists if my classmates request it. If elected, I would ask that those who would like a change contact me (whether in person or through a survey of some kind) to suggest music which they would enjoy more. I would do everything in my power to accommodate student suggestions regarding the music I play, and encourage open-minded listening. Who knows? Maybe you could find your new favorite artist or genre through a student suggestion.

Audrey Grabow

1. What motivated you to run for Commissioner of Noontime?
    Music has truly motivated me to run for Noontime. I listen to music almost every second of the day. Whether it is waking up and playing music that will wake me up and give me the drive to get ready for school, or simply relaxing songs that allow me to study. I do not just listen to music, but I love to share my music with others. People in my age group usually stick to one genre of music and that is it. Every other genre is either considered unusual or just plain bad in their eyes because they cannot bang their heads to it, or it does not have profanity is every sentence. However, I have put many of my friends and family members onto music they never thought they would like. Many can express numerous emotions they feel through music, that is why. I think it is important that we get to play it at lunch.

2. How willing are you to open up to music that is significantly different from your own taste?
     I am beyond open to playing all different types of music, even if I have never heard it or do not necessarily like it. It is important to give the students what they want, after all, they are the reason I would be playing the music. There also will not be people that like my music all the time, which is completely fine. I would simply get a list or a poll of different songs or artists people like, and play those songs too.