Commissioner of Spirit

Candy Wu

1. What motivated you to run for Commissioner of Spirit?    
    Hi there! My name is Candy (Junchu) Wu, and I am running to be your Commissioner of Spirit for the 2019-2020 school year! I have been a part of the cheer family since the very beginning of my high school career. And now, I am more than honored to be the co-Captain of the Varsity Song team. I absolutely cherish the fact that I can represent our school spirit through cheering in the sport games, performing at pep rallies and assemblies, representing SPHS in competitions. Being in Pep has really taught me the meaning and the importance of teamwork, cohesion, and dedication. I want to utilize my experience if I am elected the Commissioner of Spirit. Above all, I want everyone in the school to feel this sense of unity and cohesion; I want every current student and every incoming student to feel like they belong in the Tiger family, and they are surrounded by the people they can trust and rely on. As for the future, I would like to increase our school spirit by creating a SPHS spirit day social media account to regularly update the students on school events, and to form more recognition of individual students in our community. I would also like to work with the student body and the commissioners to host events and activities that are interesting to the students, and effectively boost our school spirit. Please vote for me!