I am Kendrick Shen, and I am a junior. I believe every department in leadership is equally special and important, and I want to help make academics noteworthy in its own way. At South Pas, many students are self-motivated, and can help push each other to the limits. As commissioner, I hope each student will understand the significance of scholastic success, so they may work towards achieving it. I would like to ensure that SPHS ASB has a strong academic presence and that hard-working students all receive the honor they deserve. I hope that next year everyone will make it a desirable goal to be the best student they can be. As a person I enjoy learning new things in and out of school, playing music on the piano and guitar, and hanging out with friends. I decided to run for commissioner of academics because I want to be able to make change in the school, and to improve the academic system and SPEX assembly to the best of my ability. But most of all, along with ASB I want to help make next year a very fun year. Thank you for reading my bio!