Aside from student performance and videos, how do you plan to entertain your audience at each assembly?

Aside from student performances and videos, I plan to entertain my audience by bringing exuberant amounts of energy to each assembly. In past years, I have seen assemblies where the commissioner does not seem very enthusiastic. I believe enthusiasm is contagious, and I plan to bring this attribute with me to all assemblies. In addition, I would like to start taking suggestions from SPHS students as to what they would like to see at their assemblies. Since assemblies are such a communal school event, they should not just be planned by the mind of one individual, but rather the entire student body.

As the commissioner of Assembles, you work a lot with other students/faculty. Expand on your characteristics that will allow you to successfully work with others.

My strong background of working well with others will help me plan engaging and enjoyable assemblies. Through my experience in Youth and Government, holding the position of Forum Speaker of the Assembly, National Issues Commission Chair,  and South Pasadena and San Marino Delegation President, the tool of communication has been my most important asset. My experience with planning meetings, collecting potential resources, and even conducting phone calls will help me immensely in this position. In addition, as a member of the Varsity Virtual Business team I have learned how to communicate not only with my peers, but with adults as well. In this class, I am constantly emailing officials of the Virtual Enterprise Organization and running potential ideas past South Pasadena High School staff members. This has also strengthened my relationships with many of the teachers on our campus, thus making them important resources if elected next year.