What motivated you to run for Commissioner of Internal Affairs?

The Commissioner of Internal Affairs is the member of ASB who has the greatest ability to make tangible change on campus. As the representative of the student body to the school board, the CIA has the power to directly bring up issues that students are passionate about and address them. Whether it’s an issue as simple as putting soap into bathrooms, or something as complex as the changes that need to be made with Common Core implementation at SPHS, it is the CIA’s job to get input on these issues and push for change with the administration and school board. In recent years however, the CIA has become less of a representative of the student body and just the ASB Vice President. The CIA must carry the voice of the students of SPHS, because students are the most important part the education system. SPHS is an amazing school, but as CIA I want to make it better.

It is often hard to express student opinion in front of a large circle of adult board members. Do you have the experience with public speaking that will help you serve as a confident liaison?

Through my involvement with the California Association of Student Councils, I have developed a passion for advocacy. From my experiences lobbying for bills concerning education reform in front of the California Board of Education or the California Senate and Assembly Education Committees, to working with principals and superintendents from all over California to give students more voice; I have gained the confidence and public speaking skills to convey myself precisely and work with effectively with adults.