Why clubs? Why you? 
I am choosing to run for commissioner of clubs because I have been active in many clubs since freshman year and love being involved in student life on and off campus. Joining and meeting new classmates is the main reason why I love clubs. Being the commissioner of clubs will give me the chance to bring out the potential in every club. I will assure clubs that they will have an equal opportunity to hold fundraisers and events and will make sure that clubs are satisfied with their 2016-2017 school year.  I am willing to do the most to assure that clubs will be more present on campus. I hope that I will be able to please each and every member and will try my best to ensure that.. 
Describe your ideal Homecoming Picnic. 
My ideal Homecoming Picnic would be on a sunny day and I would see an In-N-Out truck next to a booth with fresh lemonade. I would see clubs fundraising for a good cause and students gathering in one place at the same time. I would see only smiles as I pass dessert booths, drink booths and my favorite, candy booths. Most of all, I love to see club members getting fired up for a day of pure fun and happiness. I will make sure that this will jump from ideal to reality if you vote for me!