Before I applied to become the Junior Class Treasurer last year, I had no experience in leadership. But through the process of campaigning, I began to develop rapport with my fellow classmates whom I’ve never talked to before. When I was elected as the junior treasurer, the ASB class was full of students with good leadership qualities. Surrounding myself amongst them and growing with them has been really helpful for me in developing my leadership skills. ASB is the class where students can grow in leadership and strengthen their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. Through this year’s experience, I had the chance to improve my leadership by leading different projects and learning to take the initiative more.

         As the Commissioner of Finance, I will be one of the two oldest students among the treasurers. Being the oldest, I feel that I will have enough experience with high school to give words of advice to the younger treasurers. Because I’m the one of the oldest, I feel competent enough to use my experiences as a way of bonding the treasurers together and learn and grow within ourselves. By sharing my life stories with them, we can bond together but also remain efficient in teaching the others on how to be a good treasurer for their class. Sharing stories, telling jokes, having take out meals together in Bank will be put into good use for bonding but also for growing with one another in their jobs as well as in themselves.