What motivated you to run for Commissioner General?

I was motivated by my experience in leadership and the support of my family to run for Commissioner General. Previously being the Sophomore Class President has been an amazing experience that has motivated me to further my leadership skills. During presidency I learned the importance of organization, responsibility, and teamwork. Having an understanding of these assets has been influential in wanting to apply this knowledge to the position of Commissioner General. Moving on, I have always strived to be like the individuals in my family. My brother, in particular, is one of the reasons I have decided to run. He held the title of Commissioner General last year and the way he was a leader to me, I wish to be a leader not only to my sister, but also to my fellow students.

What do you think is the most important job for the Commissioner General?

I think the most important job for the Commissioner General is to create a sense of unity within the school community. Being able to effectively communicate with a wide variety of students, I feel qualified enough to hold this position. I am known by my friends for being a positive person, most of the time, which I believe is essential to achieve unison. Unity in the school community can help the student body’s overall high school experience