I love ASB!!! I love events!!!! I love dances and fundraisers and blood drives and assemblies and all of you in the school!! I also love photography and writing and memes and graphic design!!! As Commissioner of Publicity, I can use the things I love to let you know about all of the other things that I love whether it be through social media, the SAC room bulletin board, the morning bulletin, or some fresh memes so that you don't miss out on anything YOU love because it wasn't publicized well enough. Add me on Facebook to see some publicizing for events and organizations I love, as well as to follow my campaign


How do you personally express creativity in your daily life? What creative techniques would use to publicize upcoming school events?

In my daily life, I am able to express creativity in the classroom because of the new perspectives I am taught in every subject. By actively participating in classroom discussions I am also able to influence the people around me to share their opinions which creates an environment where creativity can flourish. I believe that the best creative technique to publicize any event is through flyers and the word of the mouth. While this technique is already in use, I do not believe that it was executed very well. An occurring problem throughout the school year were the multiple school events that many students were unaware about. If I were to be elected, I promise that every school event will be publicized inside and outside the classroom.

What motivated you to run for the Commissioner of Publicity?

I am motivated to run for the Commissioner of Publicity because I want to be able to keep the students and staff of SPHS up-to-date on any school event. I personally believe that some school events weren’t publicized as well as it should have. If I were to win, I would make sure that everyone is informed on every activity through school posters, flyers, and social media accounts.