Every one of us at this school leads our own life, with our own unique interests, experiences and commitments. These individual endeavors are so important and often keep us so busy that we forget about a more optional but extremely valuable connection to the place we live and people around us. As members of a small town and students in school of over 1400, we have the potential to make changes in our local community everyday as well as to support national or global movements with our combined efforts. I would like to help bring awareness to this promising element of our lives by providing wide range of opportunities to get involved. These activities and drives would have clearly publicized purposes and results, and also utilize teachers in granting classroom relevance and surveyed suggestions from all of us. I think we could be surprised at not just how much we could accomplish but how much we could learn from one another in the process by showing our individual motives and talents in our means of participation. While we are all here together, we should and can do great things together.