Attendance Policies

  1. Upon returning to school from an absence, the student must present an absence excuse note that includes a parent/guardian signature and his/her ID number. Presenting this note to the Attendance Office and receiving an orange admit clears the absence from an automatic truancy.
  2. If missing class due to school events, the student must obtain a pink slip to be signed by all teachers involved. The pink slip must be returned to the teacher who is sponsoring the event (field trip, athletics...) prior to the absence.
  3. If leaving campus during the school day, the student must present a note from his/her parent/guardian to the attendance office before 8AM that morning. A grounds permit will then be issued to the student to excuse him/her from class. If a student leaves without obtaining a grounds permit, a truancy will be assigned.
  4. If tardy to a class during tardy sweeps, the student should go to the Attendance Office before attending class. During tardy sweeps, which are conducted randomly throughout the year, students will be assigned to detention for every class they are tardy to. No tardy notes will be accepted in the morning unless it is on doctor’s stationary.

*Five tardies and/or truancies per month assigns a student to Saturday school

Types of Absences
Excused -  absence is verified for one of the following reasons:
  • illness
  • quarantine
  • professional medical appointment
  • attendance of a funeral for an immediate family
  • jury duty
  • observance of a religious holiday/ceremony
Unexcused - absence is not qualified as one of the above but has the permission of the parent and the approval of school authorities
Truancy - absence without the mutual consent of the parent and school authorities
Suspension - administratively denied instruction