Dress Code


What Must Be Covered: Range of skin from the armpit to The Bottom Line (see definition).

The Bottom Line: A hand’s width below the bottom of the buttocks.

When the body is standing straight, clothing (any combination of tops and bottoms) must extend from armpit level to the Bottom Line, front and back.  No skin must been seen within this range.  Bare midriffs are prohibited.  Sheer clothing must be worn accordingly:

  •  Skirts must extend half of the length between the hips and the knees.
  • Underwear must be worn.
  •  No underwear may be visible, including but not limited to boxers, briefs, bras and bra straps, panties, thongs.
  •  No bare feet are allowed.

Prohibited items of clothing:

  • Clothing or accessories that may be construed as a weapon, including but not limited to chains, spiked bands.
  • Hats, bandanas, visors, beanies, berets and caps inside buildings.
  • Strapless tops.
  • Those bearing derogatory messages or images (racial, ethnic, religious, gender or sexual slurs).
  • Those bearing sexual suggestion.
  • Those bearing connotations of violence.
  • Those bearing connotations of drugs or alcohol.
  • Those bearing profanity.
  • Those bearing gang-affiliated symbols.

Where the Dress Code is in effect:

On campus during school hours and at school functions (e.g. football games, dances).

Penalties for violations:

Dress code requirements for formal dances (e.g. Winter Formal and the Prom) will vary slightly from the normal Dress Code Policy. Student dress code violations will result in denied access and may prohibit admission to other school dances for the remainder of the academic year.

Any faculty/staff member may issue student referral/dress code violation slips.  Dress code violations will become part of the student’s discipline record.  Students are expected to know the provisions of the Dress Code Policy.  Therefore, violators will be subject to the following progression of penalties without previous warning:

First offense: The student will given a verbal warning and assigned loaner clothes from the Student Services Office (see Loaner Policy) unless he/she can supply appropriate cover-up clothing or notify a parent to bring clothing.

Second & Third offenses: Same as above; In addition, the student is assigned Saturday School detention (4 Hours).  The Student Services Office notifies the student’s parents. Failure to attend the assigned Saturday School detention may result in suspension.

Fourth and every repeated offense thereafter: The student will be suspended for defiance.

 Loaner Policy: Loaner clothes must be returned to Student Services by 8:00am the following school day.  Clothes must be washed before being returned.  If a student fails to return the clothes, he/she will be assigned Saturday School.