School Rules

Class Conduct Standards

1.   The student will arrive to class on time. If detained by another teacher or staff member the student will receive a note excusing the tardy.

2.   The student will be present daily, or will clear any absence by presenting a clearance slip at the beginning of class the day after the absence.

3.   The student will arrive to class daily with all the appropriate materials and be prepared to participate in a positive manner in the day’s lesson.

4.   The student will demonstrate concern and respect for all others in the classroom.

5.   The student will demonstrate respect for all school property.

6.   The student will cooperate with the teacher, and follow directions given.

7.   The student will receive permission before being allowed to leave the classroom, and will have a hall pass with him/her in this instance.

8.   No food or drink will be brought into the classroom without the teacher’s permission.

9.   The student will be respectful and use appropriate language at all times.

10.               The student should not have radios, CD players, or earphones visible in class at any time (some teachers may allow an exception to this rule during Study Hall).  These personal entertainment devices may be confiscated if a student violates this rule.

11.               The student will present work representative of his/her abilities, avoiding cheating and plagiarism.

12.               The student should remove all hats, caps, and headscarves before entering any campus building, including classrooms and offices.

Dress Code
  1. Range of skin from armpit to The Bottom Line (hand's width below the bottom of the buttocks)
  2. Prohibited items of clothing: strapless tops; hat/bandanas/beanies or the like inside buildings; those bearing derogatory messages or images, sexual suggestions, connotations of violence/drugs/alcohol, profanity, gang-affiliated symbols
  3. The Dress Code is in effect on campus during school hours and at all school functions with the exceptions of Winter Formal and Prom
  4. Penalties for violations
  • First offense: violation becomes part of student's record; student will be assigned loaner clothes from Student Services Office
  • Second offense and every repeated offense thereafter: student is assigned Saturday School and parents are notified