Internal Affairs

Jae Jin 

What motivated you to run for Commissioner of Internal Affairs?

One of the main responsibilities of the Commissioner of Internal Affairs is to be the liaison between the student body of South Pasadena and the members of the Board of Education. It is the Board of Education that decides how SPHS is run - things that range from having extra tables out in the quad to deciding where most of the school’s funding will go toward - and these are all decided by people whose decisions do not affect them directly. These decisions affect us, the students. I want to be able to become the advocate for the student voice, letting the adults that make the important decisions know about our issues, and what we want to be done to solve them. 

The position of CIA entails a great deal of work done outside of the classroom, ranging from researching discussion items for upcoming board meetings to preparing for the election process. What attributes do you possess that will help you succeed with these responsibilities?

I believe that all of the activities and organizations that I have been a part of until now have given me the ideal attributes and qualities to be able to fully take on the position of Commissioner of Internal Affairs. I have previously served as the Sophomore Class President, and from this position, I have learned how to work the inner processes of ASB. Also as the President of both FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and LINK (Liberty In North Korea), I have learned how to effectively and efficiently lead meetings and discussions.Finally, as currently being a part of the Varsity Virtual Business team in the operations department, I have gained the research skills that are needed for actively participating in board meeting discussions.