What motivated you to run for the commissioner of Noontime?
    Music is a large part of my life. I create playlists depending on my mood, or what I plan to accomplish during a day, and these playlists are ever changing, and eclectic. Often times I have found great joy when someone else is able to discover music through me or one of my playlists. There are two reasons I want to run for this position. First, I would like to spread knowledge of different types of music to the entire SPHS student body. Second, I would love to learn more about the music that the students of SPHS enjoy, in order to expand my personal tastes in music. Overall, I would really like to build a music loving atmosphere, where students are open to both their old favorites and to new discoveries.

Apart from music, the commissioner of Noontime is also responsible for activities and class competitions during lunchtime. What are some events you hope to conduct as Noontime?

    I am a big believer in live music, and live music during lunch could make our midday break more memorable and more effective. As commissioner, I would plan to have students perform during lunch at least once a month. I would also not be opposed to the idea of outside artists coming and performing as well. In terms of activities, I would promote more inter-grade battles and competitions, so that students can get to know other students from outside their grade. This could create an even better and more harmonious atmosphere on campus.


I chose to run for Commissioner of Noontime because of my passion for music. My classical training in piano from age 4 has broadened my appreciation of all types of tunes. I want to share this love of music with all the peeps in our school. It’s always a joy to hear new songs, so I would welcome many people to guest DJ and play a wide range of genres. A special plan of mine is to develop live music and art events on and off campus to celebrate the talents of our students and create a fun community. I would also love sharing playlists consistently including upcoming artists along with the classics. And finally… no I won’t just play the top 100 list and no I won’t just play obscure noise. Quality is key with me, my babes. <3


I love music, so much that it has become a problem. My free time is spent almost entirely in writing songs, exploring genres beyond my norm, and making physical mixtapes. Music has taken the wheel on almost everything I love. I can’t keep it to myself. As Commissioner of Noontime, I will do everything within my capabilities to provide you the most enjoyable lunchtime experience possible through an eclectic collection of music and additional means of entertainment.
Events I will conduct: 
Class Competitions. Each class will get to prove themselves in competitions by means of lunchtime activities for a significant reward by June. Think Harry Potter.
Live performances. Musical guests, comedians, uni-cycling. Everything we have. There is a tremendous amount of talent in our school who deserves to be heard. (At least once a month)
Tiger Patio Fundraisers. More fundraisers, including the sale of boba, ice cream, pizza, etc. for benefiting our clubs and organizations on campus.