My name is Jackson and yes, it’s true, I’m running to be your next Freshman Class President. I believe that I should be elected as your President because I talk a lot. I know that doesn’t sound very promising but hear me out. I talk to everyone all the time. I’m always vocal about issues regarding me or others. The President representing you and your class should always be listening and voicing the opinions of the student body. That is something I can promise. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your problem is. You will be heard. Another quality I possess that I believe would qualify me as an excellent candidate is that no matter the circumstance, I am honest. I know that again, that doesn't sound too great, but bear with me one more time. The president needs to be real. That means addressing issues and everything else head on. I am the realest there is meaning I won’t sugarcoat things. The culture of mitigation has no place in our high school. And finally I believe I should be elected as your president because I have participated and currently participate in many school activities such as Cross Country, the fall play, the spring musical, the drama club, and the dance program. I say this because I know how to work efficiently with anyone and everyone no matter how stressful or constraining the situation may be. Thank you so very much for your consideration. 

I have many unique values, skills, events, and traditions that I will bring to the table if elected as an ASB officer for the Class of 2020. My unique values consist of leadership skills, determination, motivation, and more. The three sports that I play during the year are water polo, wrestling, and swimming. The physically and mentally challenging sports have taught me these precious values. It has also taught me the skills of teamwork and independence. I work well with teammates and classmates. I can also get work done on my own without the help of others. As a wrestler, I have been taught to think of solid solutions to work around tough obstacles. I will use this skill to help guide our class and school to success. This makes me qualified for the role. If elected, I will bring these principal values and skills to the table if elected as president of the Class of 2020. Nothing would bring me more joy than to use my skills to help better the school and bring happiness to the students of SPHS. Vote Hyun for President, and together we can bring happiness to SPHS.

If re-elected for your next 2017 Sophomore Class President, I will use my previous 2 years of experience in leadership to continue to work hard and do my job for my class, for future years to come. I will plan more class activities and find ways to give back to our class through the money we have raised in the previous year. If you want to have a lit year and want our class to be financially stable, make the right choice and vote for Hanwul Choi :)