What motivated you to run for Commissioner of Publicity?

I am motivated to run for Commissioner of Publicity because I see it as a platform to unite the student body. Through a consistent and artistic approach of promoting school related activities, the student body could become much more aware of the many events held on campus, and be encouraged to come and bond with each other. I believe that I can combine my artistic skills and familiarity with ASB to create the most effective way of publicizing YOUR events. 

How do you personally express creativity in your daily life? What creative techniques would you use to publicize upcoming school events?

As a member of ASB, I already hold responsibilities regarding publicity around campus. Being Junior Vice President equips me with the necessary skills to make the most of my social platform, whether it be through social media, posters, etc. Additionally I have acquired other important skillsets as a marketing intern. I am constantly challenged with finding new ways to utilize different medias to promote a business. With my experience, I feel that I am completely capable and prepared to become the next commissioner of publicity.


Hi! I’m Lauren Tan and I’m running to be your next ASB Commissioner of Publicity. The Commissioner of Publicity is responsible for keeping the student body, staff, and community informed about events at SPHS. 

What motivated you to run for the Commissioner of Publicity?

I’ve wanted to run for Commission ever since I was a freshman. I’ve always had a strong interest in graphic design and this position would allow me to apply my creativity towards helping you: the student body. When you think about publicity at SPHS, posters, flyers, and social media are probably what come to mind. While that’s true, I also believe that publicity is a way to give students a voice. Publicity is a way to gain awareness for your club event, or for a cause that you’re really passionate about. If elected Commissioner of Publicity, I will be dedicated to making your ideas a reality.

What challenges do you believe you’d come across as a Commissioner of Publicity, and how do you plan to overcome them?

I’ve noticed that many students aren’t fully aware of all the events that go on at SPHS. As Commissioner of Publicity, I will regularly update the ASB social media accounts to inform you all with new updates. I realize that not everyone has a Facebook or an Instagram, so to cater to those individuals, I will ensure that all bulletin boards on campus are up-to-date.