School and Community

Hi everyone! Want to know the best Commissioner position in ASB?? School and Community! What inspired me to run for next year’s commissioner of school of community is the chance to make tangible change and contributions to not only SPHS, but also the South Pasadena Community and society at large. The Commissioner of School and Community is able to offer the student body great opportunities to make positive contributions to society. This includes coordinating events like “Pennies For Patients” and the seasonal blood drives and with my unique skillset, I would be able to makes these events successful! In order to reach out to the entire student body and increase participation in the various drives that SPHS puts on, I think the students need to be shown how impactful their contributions can really be. If we could show the student body a video of a patient who received money from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I feel like a lot more people would be inclined to donate their money to help support the patients. If you vote for me for the position of commissioner of School and Community I promise to invest all my efforts into making next year’s drives, staff recognition programs, and Homecoming halftime show successful!


1. In my three years of high school, I've contributed to my peers and my community in a behind-the-scenes manor, via volunteering, picking up trash, and filling leadership positions in band and virtual business. After discussing different ASB roles with current commissioners, I have concluded that School and Community would be the most opportune way to transition my efforts in helping connect students to the high school and South Pasadena to a broader scale.

2. The high school's drives all help various communities fund themselves to reach their goals, and student participation is a large portion of that. In addition to announcements and merchandise that endorse these causes and the benefits of donating to them, I plan to communicate this on a one-on-one level with the student body. Underclassmen have a higher tendency to omit themselves from drives because they do not always comprehend the significance of them. By elaborating on a personal level, I intend to encourage freshmen and sophomores to support the schools drives and to promote supporting drives to their friends and families.