Hey guys! I'm Jasper and I'm running to be your senior class secretary. As student athlete, I have grown to understand the stresses that high school can imply. It would be my goal to help to ease those stresses by balancing them with fun class activities. As a member of your class office, I would love to bring better class bonding events for our senior year. It is my goal to collaborate with you and the rest of our class to ensure that we can have the best senior year possible. For all my juniors out there, I'm trying to ensure that our last year of high school, is our best year!

Hi I’m Irene and I’m running to be your Senior Class Secretary. My passion for helping others will assist in creating a better bonding experience for the senior class through different activities such as class bonding. As the secretary, one has to be diligent, hardworking, efficient, and most of all, a team player in order to be able to handle correspondence from the student body to the PTSA or the administration. The secretary must also be able to maintain accurate records of all class meetings and I believe I have all of these traits in order to be successful as the Senior Class Secretary. My experience as a student athlete has helped me to become hardworking, efficient and diligent and if elected, I will use these skills to help create a much more memorable experience for our senior year!