Senior Workshops

You must attend the following application workshops if you are applying to any of the schools listed below. You must use your transcript when filling out these applications to avoid errors.  Attendance will be taken. 


                                    A.. Independent/ Common Application Workshop:  September 23

      8:00 to 9:15am,  locations by counselor: Garcia/Little Theatre

           Ng/Ishimaru/ Auditorium




B.     Community College Workshop: September 23, 11:30 am in the counseling office. 


C.     UC Application Workshop:  September 24th 8:00 to 9:15am locations by counselor: Garcia/Little Theatre

                  Ng/Ishimaru/ Auditorium




D.    Cal State Universities Application Workshop:    September 26, 8:00- 9:30am in the library.