Hey what’s up guys? I’m Joseph and I’m running to be your next Sophomore Class Treasurer. To jump straight into an answer, I have two values that I wish to cherish if I become a class officer: genuity and kindness. I want to stress kindness because I believe that’s what brings the student body together and to act in genuity so I can maintain the welfare of the Class of 2020 as a proud representative. I decided to run for an ASB office and for the position of Treasurer because I feel that I have the necessary skills to be one. I work as church youth group leader, a teacher for the younger kids in the services department in church, and as a sporadic worker in the food stands and office that deals with the money gathered that day. As a treasurer, you work the checks/money and financial statuses of the school and your class. To put simply if you vote for me I would handle the money for the fundraisers and events (ex. dances) for the Class of 2020. If elected I will work hard to not only balance the fundraiser and event finance, but work hard with the other officers to make the events lit my dudes. As an officer, I will work hard to bring in my own ideas and listen to all the student body’s ideas to bring in unique traditions to enhance our sophomore year. If I am elected to the Class of 2020 Office of Treasurer, I promise to listen to my peers, respect the opinions and ideas of everyone’s, stay kind and genuine and to contribute in making our sophomore year a year to remember!