Vice President

Hi! I’m Lauren T. and I’m running to be your Senior Vice President. The Vice President is responsible for assisting the President with all class events and representing the Class of 2018 at the School Site Council.
I strongly believe that advocating for causes or issues that you're really passionate about is important. If I'm elected your Vice President, I will address your needs and the needs of our school. I promise that I will try my best to bring about change within SPHS. I want to be an advocate for you because your voice matters.
Although I've never been a part of ASB, I still have other responsibilities both on and off campus that have prepared me for this leadership role. Both my positions on Tiger Newspaper and my church youth leadership team have taught me to be a planner, extremely responsible, and a team player.
As your Vice President, I not only want to address your concerns, but I also want to bring us closer together as a class. This will be our last year at SPHS and I want to make it as memorable as possible. So, let's be a team and make this upcoming year about you. Thank you, and remember, vote Lauren T. as your Class of 2018 Senior VP!

What unique values, skills, events, or traditions will you bring to the table and your position if elected as an ASB officer for your class?

Hello everyone! My name is sick nong and i am running to be your senior vice president! As a previous sophomore vice president, I know the ins and outs of the position i am running for this year. Going to school site council meetings my sophomore year really opened my eyes to the events and discussions going on around about our school that most of our student body doesn’t know about. I enjoyed engaging in these discussions and helping voice the opinions of my fellow classmates. If elected as Vice President, I promise to try my absolute hardest to provide the best senior year experience to all of my peers. 2018 is our year and let’s make the most of it! Please “Pick Nick” for senior VP and help me bounce back :)

Hello, my name is Veronica P. and I’m running to be your Senior Vice President. If elected, I guarantee to bring forth my strongest efforts in, not only making a difference throughout our school, but making our senior year as memorable as possible. As Vice President, one of the most important jobs I would have to carry out each month is to meet with our School Site Council. Here, I will employ my persuasive and organizational skills in order to discuss and acquire funds necessary for our school’s improvement needs as well as funds for more enjoyable activities and events. An example of some events I have in mind are: game nights, food trucks, movie nights, and of course any other ideas that are given. As for our school needs, once they have been presented, I plan on utilizing my creativity skills to attain affordable and effective solutions to such, while keeping everyone’s opinions and needs in mind. Overall however, it would be my goal as your Senior Vice president to expend as much effort, time, and dedication necessary to ensure a safe, fun-filled, and above all, unforgettable, senior year for our class of 2018!